Why This? Why Now?

Why am I doing a blog, and why am I doing it now? I’ve asked myself that question several times since I put this page together, and there are several reasons that come to mind. First, I can blame it on General Conference 2012. I watched much of the live feed from the second week and there were numerous reporters whose blogs were linked to the home page. As I read several of those while watching the feed (no, I didn’t get a lot of work done last week), I thought to myself, “Well, now you’ve got an opinion on these matters just as they do,” so I figured what better way to share my opinions than on a blog. Not only did I follow the live feed, but also the twitter feed that was streaming alongside. My, my! The snarky, petty and sometimes downright mean comments made me roll my eyes (and some of the spam gave me a start!) and made me believe that our thought world had been reduced to 140 character bits. This blog is my attempt to show that we can communicate on the web in more than 140 character snipets.

Secondly, it is my attempt to be disciplined in my writing. I used to write often (think sermons here), but since unexpectedly being invited to serve as D.S., I’ve not written but a few new sermons, so my writing skills are getting rusty. I also used to journal regularly, but I’ve not done that often lately, either, so perhaps daily blogging will serve the duel purpose of giving me a discipline to write some devotional thoughts as well as some personal reflections.

Thirdly, this can become a way for me to stay connected to the clergy and laity in the Monroe District. I am assuming, of course, that anyone would actually read this blog, but I’ll make it know that others can read it, and I’ll share interesting information and stories I hear from around the District and Annual Conference. We’ve always said as United Methodists that we are a “connectional” church. Well, much of what used to connect is in the past is no longer as effective. I believe we have to find a new way to define “connectional”, and one of those ways is via electronic media, and by sharing each other’s stories of effective ministry. So, hopefully, I can share some of those stories here as people around the District connect in this new way.

God bless and until next time, keep looking up…


3 responses

  1. Jonathon Bevil | Reply

    I hope blogging will be a good experience for you in the posts to come. I know I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

  2. I have been thinking about doing the same, so I may be following your example! Blessings on your new venture!

  3. Lynn-
    I am looking forward to your thoughts here and excited that I have a DS who is willing to share them. Thanks!


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